PANDA CAKE by Rosalie Seidler


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A panda cake, a panda cake,/ Mama is making a panda cake""--not of, but for her two little pandas. First, the children must go shopping for the ingredients, but Willy Panda gets the berries, apples, and other ingredients from nature instead, and uses the grocery money to visit the fair. Back home Mama "". . . whips the batter round and round,/ Then bakes it all to a golden brown""; but when it's ready the bee comes demanding the honey Willy stole, the goose claims her eggs, etc., and Mama ends up sharing the cake with all of them--so that when Willy returns from the fair, "". . . two crusty pieces of leftover bread/ Were all Willy got from Mama instead."" In jogging couplets and blurry black-and-white drawings, it's a smooth little number on the children's magazine level, but flat and insubstantial between hard covers.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press