BOY TROUBLE by Rosamond du Jardin


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Tailored to popular demand, this synthetic senior high school adventure tale. To this reader it seems, frankly, a hodgepodge of irksome-but-lovable-and-natural teen age foibles and unwarranted happenings. Heroine Tobey is at the age when affections between possessive Brose and itinerant Dick who's in the Navy. Tobey plans post-prom parties to raise money and get more girls dates. There's an historic tour of the Chicago suburb where she lives; there's a phoney sort of dabbling in modern art during vacation at the lake; there's the spinster aunt who weeps out frustrated love over an old letter she never received. Middle class conventions hold away over a series of shallow, inconsequential events. But there's an avid waiting market established by the more successful Marcy books.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1953
Publisher: Lippincott