DOUBLE FEATURE by Rosamond Du Jardin


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A sequel to Double Date (1952), which went just a little deeper than her earlier books, continues the emotional problems of the twins, Pam and Penny, and their widowed, interior decorator mother. In Double Date it was Pam who had a gay self-assurance, boy friends and fun, while Penny moped at home. But after high school, Penny graduates in more ways than one and establishes a firm relationship with Mike whom Pam had once liked. Their discussions of college and life ahead are fraught with Pam's growing insecurity, her jealousy of Penny, until when the girls are at Harwood college- Pam is nearly floored by the wrong boy but rises to staud on her two feet. One-dimensional, but it's the right direction for this age.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1953
Publisher: Lippincott