ONE OF THE CROWD by Rosamond du Jardin


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Another story of teen age love and a young girl's search for values from the practiced hand of Rosamond du Jardin. When her best friend moves to nearby Cincinnati, Midge Heydon faces the sophomore year at high school lonely and insecure without her special confidante. Thus, when Sandra Towers actually seeks her out, offering entree to the smoothest clique in school, Midge feels that ""helping"" Sandra with her homework is a small price to pay. As the contrast grows more apparent between the glamorous blind dates Sandra arranges for her and German exchange student Hans, an outsider by crowd standards, Midge realizes she will have to choose between them. The empty amorality of Sandra's set at an unsupervised after the dance party shocks Midge. She decides that self respect is more important than popularity. Black and white are clearly separated in Miss du Jardin's book; but the teen age problems she presents are real enough up to the point of solution, which will satisfy less sophisticated readers.

Publisher: Lippincott