SENIOR PROM by Rosamond Du Jardin


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Marcy Rhodes and her three escorts, Steve, Bruce and Rick, are familiar prototypes of teen-aged fiction. Marcy is popular with boys. College student Steve drops out of the running for her serious affection when he returns to the campus. But Ricky, sincere and earnest, is anxious about the attention Bruce pays Marcy. Bruce is a suave escort with a yellow convertible, while Rick drives an old car with a good safe motor and an abused chassis. The point of departure which differentiates this story from a host of others is its apex in the dilemma posed by the vulgar all-night Senior Prom parties. Marcy had accepted Bruce's invitation, not realizing that Rick had learned to dance solely to take her to the Prom. But when she realizes that Bruce intends to stay out all night afterward, Marcy chooses Rick as escort. And later she learns that Bruce and his passengers were involved in a serious automobile accident. The diaphanous fabric of the plot clearly indicates the moral. Nonetheless, it's a diverting way to focus attention on a current questionable custom, and deals with issues in common experience.

Pub Date: Oct. 2nd, 1957
Publisher: Lippincott