ROGUE CAVALIER by Rosamond Marshall


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Rosamond Marshall, best remembered for her earliest books- Kitty and The Duchess Hotspur, again laces up a busty novel which traces the fortunes of Toni Brando who is sent out into the world in ignorance of the fact that he is the illegitimate son of Casanova. In France he is to meet his father, but by this time Casanova is not only the victim of his years- but also on his uppers. Nonetheless he manages to save Toni's life- in a boudoir brawl- and earn the friendship which keeps them together. Toni falls in love with Mignon, an orphan but is kept by Casanova from a marriage which offers little worldly advantage. Toni, while constant in his feelings for Mignon, is catapulted through a series of escapades; becomes persona grata at Court; engages in a duel with Casanova but regrets its consequences; sees Mignon again and is temporarily through with her- believing her capable, of adultery; is involved in a rigged lottery which sends Casanova to prison; and is finally free to follow his heart which takes him back to Mignon... Picaresque- certainly, piquant- less so, this is a skittish sequence of a young man's first oats and his sire's last fling. Rentals.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday