CAPTAIN IRONHAND by Rosamond Marshall


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A new frolic follows along old lines (and neglects most of the curves), returns to 1774 when James Challoner, booted out of the Royal Navy, becomes a pirate and takes the command of the Royal Acre- while beautiful Lady Artis, whom he had known as Kit McKenna-horse trainer's daughter, signs herself on as a potboy. Her sex and her identity revealed, Challoner tries to steer clear of her, lands in real trouble when captured by the Moorish pirate king who plans to murder the British Royal family using Challoner, and Artis, as his decoys. Returned to England, it is Artis who helps to avert the tragedy while Challoner proves his courage and is worthy of a new title and Lady Artis.... ""A tale out of a Thousand and One Nights"" and you can make believe it never happened or not -- as you choose.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1957
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts