INTIMATE STORY by Rose Franken


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Claudia steps aside aside for Mrs. Gerry, also demure but more mature, a youngish (44) widow who has also lost a son, and now about to lose her only daughter Marjorie as she marries John determined to do away with any maternal encroachment. Lonely, Mrs. Gerry takes a trip to Europe, enjoys- casually- Stephen Ferris who works in a travel bureau, writes novels, and squires her around, and returns to America to find that MarJorie's pregnancy is going badly. Overriding the inadequate doctor John has chosen, she gets MarJorie into safer hands and the young couple are now grateful for her help- and the care and comfort of her house. Stephen follows her to America, and MarJorie eyes his rejuvenescent effect upon her mother with dismay and disapproval. But finally when Marjorie and John and now the baby move out on her- and off to Washington- she feels free to take up her own life with Stephen and accept his love.... The petticoated pitfalls of the woman alone, afraid to trespass on her children's lives, unsure of her own, this has of course the expected womanly warmth and concerns, along with an applique of gracious living. Sure rentals and some sales.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday