OLD HOME TOWN by Rose Wilder Lane
Kirkus Star


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At first one has the impression that this is a collection of short stories, in the Mary E. Wilkins Freeman tradition, using characters and incidents from the late-antimacassar period in the Middle West. But gradually the parts slip into place, and the story is that of an adolescent girl, struggling with her growing pains, sensing the conflicts and problems around her, filling in the gaps from her own widening experience, looking back. There is the rebellion and dissatisfaction and intolerance and curiosity of youth. There is somewhat the quality of Alice Adams. In the revealing of the inner life of a small town girl. First rate background material, vigorous portraiture, plot structure a bit thin. But -- I liked it. There is a warmth and mellowness and sympathy that is never sentimental, but that is realism without bleakness.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1935
ISBN: 0803279175
Publisher: Longmans, Green