A SWELL STYLE OF MURDER by Rosemarie Santini


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From the author of Abracadabra (1977) and the non-fiction The Secret Fire, a story involving gorgeous Rosie, writer-daughter of powerful, non-Mafioso Marlo Caesare, who is married to Waspy, wimpy Rick Ramsey. They live in New York's Soho area where, one day Rick finds a severed hand in some sidewalk rubble. The hand, it turns out, is connected to the murders of Sally and Tony Salerno--and fame-obsessed Rosie gets busy lining up a contract for the story. Since rumor has Sally's lover, big-time Mafioso Vito Borgotta, pegged for the murders, Marlo is sure that his daughter's life is in danger. So it is, but not from the source he fears so much. There's a lot here about Soho life-styles; still more about the Italian way of love and life, which Rick tries hard to absorb when not occupied in thinking about or having sex with Rosie (he doesn't have a lot of spare time). And the local color is sometimes fun, the pace fast, the sex steamy; blood flows, karate chops abound. But the overall effect is near-parody, and Rosie and Rick wind up probably rich and more than a little repellent.

Pub Date: Jan. 14th, 1985
ISBN: 0595089054
Publisher: St. Martin's