THE SECRET FIRE: A New View of Woman and Passion by Rosemarie Santini

THE SECRET FIRE: A New View of Woman and Passion

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Hot on the heels of the dubious Hire Report (p. 772) comes this ""new view"" of female sexuality, a collection of first-person reports from S/M enthusiasts, lesbians, hustling housewives, exhibitionists--only the animal sodomists are missing. Reading this you could conclude that one-night stands are the norm for most of the population, although ""the pink flush of orgasm"" too often remains missing in action. Clearly the search for satisfaction has been accompanied by some curious baggage--and not just vibrators, whips, and sheer underwear. Among these accounts of matinee sex, church scenes, and bisexual chic, misconceptions abound, relationships are tissuey, and the bizarre becomes commonplace--26 orgasms in one night, or orgasm from root-canal work. In flimsy transitional paragraphs, Santini attempts to interpret and connect, noting recurrent themes (incestual rape, parental abuse, Nazi and interracial fantasies) and the startling lack of feeling inadvertently revealed by many of those interviewed; frequently, however her own burblings (""I chide myself, realizing that I am still suffereing from the moral turpitudes of childhood"") are as inadequate as those of her subjects. It's no secret that this kind of blow-by-blow confessional speaks to many; just hope it's not trumpeted as the last word.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Playboy