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Acupuncture for animals? Yes, according to the pseudonymous Dr. Younker, whose veterinary practice includes the Oriental art of healing as well as standard American methods. His love of animals began at an early age when, after some typical boyish sadism, he turned to saving lives instead. After a midwestern upbringing and vet school--marked by street hassles, political activism, and anti-Semitism--he braved the wilds of southern California, first sharing a practice, later (after a personal cancer scare) stepping out on his own. He may nurse a sick animal through the night like Yorkshire's Dr. Herriot, but the resemblance ends there; Younker does it from a waterbed in his clinic, and he's more likely to find cases of pot poisoning than anthrax. Recently, acupuncture has caught his interest, and TV coverage of its use by his associates has helped his practice along. Nothing remarkable--just loosely connected anecdotes showing that animal doctors are human too.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1976
Publisher: Dutton