NORTHWARD TO ALBION by Rosemary Sprague
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Postponed from Fall to February -- originally reported as follows:- ""An unusual era in history which fills a real need in school and library, is this story of the founding of Britain by the Trojan warriors. Young Bruttys, Prince of Troy, has long been the subject of dispute as to authenticity of the legend which links- in historical continuity- the story of the fall of Troy with the Counding of Britannia. In any case, here- so far as I know, is the first retelling of this legend as an exciting tale of adventure for modern youth. Bruttys is forced to flee when he accidentally wounds and kills his father. With a loyal band and a young lad who thinks he is his brother, he makes his way across sea and land to the country later known as England. Well-told and good reading.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1947
Publisher: Roy