COME CLEAN MY LOVE by Rosemary Taylor


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With a bow to the Clarence Budington Kelland type of slick fiction, this develops an insouciant tale of business competition along with heart throbs. For Wyatt Bruce discards his literary ambitions and descends from his ivory tower to help run the Sunshine Laundry when his Mother's alimony is stopped, and his excursions into the commercial cut- throating and merciless pursuit of an enraged competitor are backgrounded by his indecision over Cordelia and more buxom, Janey. His ingenuity in placating customers and in publicizing the laundry wins the loyalty of the plant, his Mother uses her wiles on her friends, Cordelia and others come through on the financial side and eventually the Sunshine is victorious. Wyatt gets the right girl, too. Frothy.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1949
Publisher: Crowell