HIGH COURAGE by Rosemary Weir


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Simon de Montfort is contesting the rule of Henry III, and in the ongoing struggle young Richard Travers, not quite twelve, sees his father struck down and the family castle taken; Richard himself, a doughty, quick-tempered lad, is removed to the fortress of his captor, the Lord of Banworth, there to be page and companion to the latter's peevish son. The situation rankles, and when Richard learns that his father is alive though crippled, he manages to escape, taking along Alys, the Lord's unhappy little ward. A difficult journey, a happy reunion and an easy rout of their enemies follow; Richard and his family will be secure now, for de Montfort has fallen. The child who knows little of English history will learn little here, but it hardly matters: the larger interest is in the shifting fortunes of war, the claim of both sides to virtue. As adventure this has the advantage of a direct plot line, little slowed by the perfunctory characterization, only a little hampered by the repetition of rather obvious points. Miss Weir writes with an easy fluency and provides instant enlistment in late medieval warfare for the younger-than-usual child.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1967
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux