MORRIS'S DISAPPEARING BAG: A Christmas Story by Rosemary Wells


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Morris's problem is a little like Noisy Nora's (1973)--perhaps a little too much like Nora's--in that as the youngest member of his rabbit family he feels left out of all the fun, even on Christmas day when ""Morris's brother, Victor, got a hockey outfit. Morris's sister, Rose, got a beauty kit. Morris's other sister, Betty, got a chemistry set. And Morris got a bear."" For though the other three trade gifts all day, nobody wants to play with the bear. We could do without the beauty kit, however non-sexistly Wells distributes its usage, and Morris's solution is, again, a lot like Nora's running away; however there is a fitting irony to his discovery of a disappearing bag (the bag doesn't disappear; whoever climbs into it does), so that his very absence gets Morris the attention he needs. And once he's found, the others are so eager to try the disappearing bag that Morris gets to zoom (on skates) and mix (chemicals) and beautify till bed-time. Certainly a minor addition to the Christmas book shelf, but Rosemary Wells has a way of tucking some genuine good things into her small packages.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1975
Publisher: Dial