GOOD NIGHT, FRED by Rosemary Wells


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A small bedtime fantasy from the viewpoint of little Fred, who falls from bouncing on the sofa and in the process breaks the telephone. When older brother Arthur tries to fix the phone, Fred worries that Grandma is ""in there""--""we just talked to her."" Arthur reassures him; but later, with Arthur out in the garage for the saw, Fred sneaks out of bed and sure enough: a tiny Grandma emerges from the phone to sing, dance, eat cake, ride on the bathtub tugboat, and bounce on the sofa with Fred. It's cute enough, and warmed with brotherly hugs in the pictures; but Wells doesn't give Grandma much of a role and doesn't really enlarge on the childhood notion of Grandma in the telephone. . . or on the trivially childlike view of Grandma.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1982
Publisher: Dial