JANE HADDEN by Rosemond Marshall


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A rowdy romp through eighteenth century England and the servant-girl success story of Jane No- Name, who goes to London and becomes the maid (downstairs and upstairs) of drinking, writing Capper Castain, with whom she falls in love, and whose manuscripts she completes. Leaving him, when he is too far gone in drink, she moves to a garret and is saved from the Old Bailey by Capper who lies to clear her. She becomes engaged to an elderly protector, Sir Samuel, who kills himself when he finds Capper in her boudoir; but she cannot save Capper from himself, when he gambles and drinks himself into jail, until at last he writes the stigma of his illegitimacy out of his system and returns ""humble and proud"" to Jane....Not quite the full undress performance of Kitty and this still brawls and sprawls its way with an abandon which is suspiciously naive.... If the sales are again significant, the naivete is ours.

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 1951
Publisher: Prentice-Hall