ABROAD ON HER OWN by Roslyn Friedman


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It appears to be the year for lady Pied Pipers. Jean Baer played a come hither tune in Follow Me! (p. 151, 1965), and this is Roslyn Friedman's reprise. It is directed to the single woman who wants to travel and doesn't quite know how or have the assurance to do so alone. She informs on the various possibilities for travel with groups and what one can expect, but she advises on solo travel. Transportation, packing (clothes), beauty care, how to meet people, men, how to travel with a roommate or with a man come under consideration. There is some attention to where to travel (where your interests lie, and in season), where to stay (try villages and small towns first, then cities, and locate centrally in the city). Finally there are the niceties, tips and thank yous and how to behave at parties. Like Jean Baer, Roslyn Friedman is a competent cicerone for the semi-sophisticate.

Publisher: Doubleday