HOP-RUN-JUMP by Ross Demeter


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Exercises for children (although adults will appreciate them too) for breathing and warming up, some to strengthen abdominal and leg muscles, back and leg muscles, and a concluding section entitled ""Balancing Exercises Which Require a Little Courage""--e.g. ""Cockfight: Face your partner, each of you with your arms crossed in front of you and standing on one leg. Now jump at each other like two fighting cocks, and try to push each other down. The own who falls down or touches the floor with the raised leg, has lost the contest. Don't start fighting or kicking!"" Variously addressed to children (as above) and adults (italicized side comments on the same page) and written by a European teacher of corrective and preventive gymnastics, this may please active children who don't need the exercise and turn off endomorphs who do, but the accompanying drawings for each one are explicit and helpful and look like fun.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1967
Publisher: John Day