THIS IS A LEAF by Ross E. Hutchins
Kirkus Star


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The innocent green leaf is one of Nature's most remarkable achievements. Observe it under a microscope (via these excellent photographs) and note its complexities. List the useful products it offers man, the defensive and offensive devices it employs in protecting itself and devouring insects. Watch its ""dye factory"" in motion once autumn arrives and look closely at its ancestors in the form of fossil plants. Entomologist and photographer Ross Hutchins accompanies the reader on an intensive guided tour of the ordinary and extraordinary processes of leaf development with many examples to demonstrate the facts. All sorts of fascinating information comes through. Many leaves are in slow motion constantly. Cannibal leaves are not limited to venus flytraps alone. Certain insects cause leaves to ""grow"" homes for them. And only a small part of the world enjoys autumn's flamboyant display. The reader comes away with a sharpened awareness of phenomena he may have always taken for granted and a new basis from which to exercise his observation. Superior nature writing this.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1962
Publisher: Dodd, Mead