WILD WAYS: The Book of Animal habits by Ross Hutchins

WILD WAYS: The Book of Animal habits

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No need to embark on a safari to the jungles of Africa to discover the remarkable world of animals. The majority of animal habits scrutinized here can be observed by the curious eye quite close to home. At least 60 photographs illustrate these illuminating facts rendered in a conversational style that reveals the author's genuine enthusiasm for the subject. The soaring habits of birds and insects made perfect by nature are compared to man's copied product, the airplane. How migratory birds guide themselves, why bats are such ace flyers, why the flitting of butterflies is not aimless, which animals use chemical warfare and how, and why birds sing, are only a few of the questions answered. Mr. Ross draws a good deal upon his personal observations to illustrate his points. Sparked with interest, the reader will be sure to experience a new awareness of his natural environment once having dipped into these pages.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1961
Publisher: Rand McNally