RAINTREE COUNTY by Ross Lockridge


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Dark Horse"" in that it is not only a newcomer -- but that the style takes ntration, reassessing of accepted values. A ""Must Book"" in that it is January of-the-Month and recipient of the M-G-M award for this season.... A tremendous as long as Gone With the Wind- though not as long as House Divided -- and like be large measure a Civil War novel, though from a wholly different angle). It is a told on two levels of time, as Johnny Shawnessy, in middle life, looks back during passage of a 4th of July celebration, on the tangled web of his life. Here we town in Indiana, integral part of Raintree Country a town in which the the passions and violence of the world are crystallized. There are str people in the cast of characters,- Nell, who was Johnny's love; and whom he married, girl of the deep South with terror and fear in came who became a millionaire; and Flash who was a great drinker and a and Garwood who was a politician from the others act not their parts- and the

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1947
ISBN: 1556527101
Publisher: Houghton,