CELESTE by Rossmond Marshall


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Not unmindful of the promotion for this which will include money, a national autographing tour and a whole line of fabrics to be known as ""Celeste Blue"", and never, never forgetting Kitty and Duchess Hotspur and the haircloth we should have worn, a shade of constraint seems indicated. Celeste, beautiful not not dumb, passionate but as yet untouched, is brought up in ignorance of the fact that her mother, once the queen of the Barbary Coast, is now- with her lover- Ed, running a fairly classy gambling house in L.A. Meeting Bart Strang, easterner out west for oil, Celeste falls in love with him, and he is attracted by her innocence as well as beauty. Learning however of her background, and feeling that he's been had, Bart tries to take her but Celeste refuses to be treated cheaply. Involvement in an oil deal, her kidnapping and her rescue- by Bart, lead to a reconciliation and this time it's marriage... Not as hot a little hotcake as the Duchess but a nice little aphrodisiac for the popular appetite.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1949
Publisher: Prentice-Hall