BEND YOUR HEADS ALL by Rowena Rutherford Farrar


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A hominy grits historical, a tribute to the women pioneers before and during the American Revolution in the Cumberland Mountains. Adele Overman fought against her husband Seth's desire to join a group of settlers from Wautaga Fort to the Cumberland territory. In spite of the eagerness of her young sons and Seth, Adele seemed to get her way, until her daughter Seanna married up with rough, handsome Matt, and Granny died. The men and their womenfolk separate for the long dangerous passage, Adele has more than her share of grief and hardship--her youngest child murdered by Indians, two young sons and a daughter, Getty, captured. The first season after a sad reunion in the Cumberland territory is one of horror and heartbreak--Indian attacks, floods, near starvation. However, Getty and her brothers escape from the Indians at last, although Indian-hating Matt inadvertently kills one disguised boy, and Getty has a half-breed baby, the result of a savage assault. Seanna, who suffered two miscarriages, gladly raises Getty's baby and the illegitimate son of her husband. Getty marries and both couples find love and happiness as their settlement is at last established as ""Nashville,"" Blood, birthings, death, and some indomitable womenfolks leave the reader almost all tuckered out.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1965
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston