THE FILM EXPERIENCE by Roy and Norman Silverstein Huss
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Certainly the sixties will be remembered as the renaissance period of film-making and the rapidly growing audience that the Nouvelle Vague movement has cultivated will find The Film Experience an excellent guide to the new art. The authors give a shot by shot appraisal of techniques and they are a camera length ahead of anyone else in presenting a precise dictionary of terms such as ""jump cut, ""cross cut, ""lap shot,"" ""pan."" They carefully illustrate each definition by relating a scene in which the particular device was used. They point out the varying schools of criticism from Andrew Sarris to Pauline Kael, discuss the nature of continuity, rhythms, tone and point of view and elaborate about various directors' styles from Chaplin to Antonioni. And every serious viewer will relish this insider's handbook. Watch out filmmakers, here comes a ""cineliterate"" audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1967
Publisher: Harper & Row