MEET YOUR ANCESTORS by Roy Chapman Andrews


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A review of the opinions and hypotheses, together with personal adventures in exploration, concerning primitive man that shows who our progenitors -- and relatives -- were, how they developed, physically and mentally, what their home life and environment was. From the lowest rung of the human ladder to the origins, in Europe, Africa, Java, Asia and America, -- of the earliest hominids, Andrews describes the discoveries and the deductions made from the remains unearthed, contrasts the problems and paradoxes the findings brought to scientists the world over. He makes the unearthing of the various links exciting, dramatic and romantic, and he presents the distillation of actual proof in logical order. Mankind's genealogy from Forest Ape, Neanderthal, Southern Ape, Java Ape Man, to Cro-Magnon, this more than adequately describes man's early history in non-technical, non-scientific terms.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1945
Publisher: Viking