NATURE'S WAYS by Roy Chapman Andrews


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This picture-and-text book of natural history collects the facts on protective ensures for survival exhibited by our four, two and no footed neighbors. With a table of contents, a classified table of contents, an introduction and an index, this makes vi the means by which animals, fish, insects, birds, etc., are equipped to withstand enies and to obtain the necessities of life. In the fields of camouflage and concealment, imicry, immobility, speed, ight, small, warning signals, defensive and offensive de and other adaptative abilities, there are dramatic examples of both familiar and strange subjects in either photographs or colored illustrations, accompanied by a descriive text. Entertaining, informative, this who-do, who-don't book should provide answers or the curious and arouse further interest in the nature-minded. Should be popular with children too.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1951
Publisher: Crown