FOR LOVE OR MONEY by Roy Doliner


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No bigger than a bagel box -- this is chiefly about Bernie Greff who gave up love in the form of Sharon along with the respect of his father to write three books for which he got no money. . .and the death of his old man which finds him still broke (even though he'd made a lot of money with cheesecake like Reuben's) since Bernie's been swindled out of his inheritance . . .and his father's reports from up there (""you can't knock the place"") and reappearances down here in order to get it back. . .and his friend's activities with a black side dish which leaves Sharon, his wife, for Bernie along with constant references to deli delights like brisket and pickled herring and. . . . Good-natured stand-up comedy saftig with food, sentiment and a little sex.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Simon & Schuster