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Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1967
Publisher: Doubleday

This opens with an UhuRuarkian scene in which the C.I.A.'s Paul Osborn is found mutilated and hung in the suburbs of Leopoldville and then proceeds in an unruly, unlikely fashion from there. Osborn's death leaves (a) the evidence that one Alphonse Obuti had also been responsible for Hammarskjold's death and Lumumba's; and (b) his wife, Ruth, who had been bedded by the black Obuti at the time as well as by Eugene, their U.N. friend. Eugene feels Ruth needs therapy so she goes to New York to become the patient of his father; they all go to New York; Obuti to work at the U.N., and Eugene to fulfill his plan--to drug him and ship him back to the Congo in a trunk. At the close this is accomplished, while Ruth is left with another body on her hands--her psychiatrist, whom she has been fondling....Since none of this seems at all possible, it leaves room for still another conjecture--why is it being published?