THE AMERICAN WARS: 1755-1953 by Roy- Ed. Meredith


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From the French and Indian Wars to Korea- here is war as artists in uniform saw it. Here is material, much of it virtually unknown, drawn from sketchbook and canvas. All phases and aspects of war are here; cartoons, usually predominating, are in the minority, while sketches and paintings, many of them on the spot, depict portraits, places, events, battle array, field and fortifications. Familiar names are here, from the world of art, Remington, Trumbull, Peale, Birch, Winslow Homer, Redwood, Sargent, Thomason, Catlin, Glackens, Thomason, Harvey Dunn, Kerr Eby, Groth. There are others who deserve to be better known. And there are some whom we associate only with the military side of war. Text and pictures are closely linked, and the whole makes a connected story of action on all fronts.

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