GARDEN PINKS by Roy Genders


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By definition the range of ""garden pinks"" is much broader than the average mental picture conjures up. In Mr. Genders' hands, the classification broadens to include an extensive listing of varieties, for garden and exhibition, window box, b or trough, Alpine garden, paving planting or wall -- and the recommendations are based on various factors:- hardy or semi hardy plants that survive despite poor soil and neglect, and that now include numerous almost perpetual blooming varieties. ""Against a background of history and characteristics, he goes into fundamentals: preparation of soil, importance of drainage and lime, treatment in advance for wireworm, feeding, watering, disbudding, protection, exhibiting and marketing. Propagation from seed, by vegetation methods, protection against pest and disease all are discussed in final chapters. A major part of the book is given over to listings, broken down into types for varied uses. A needed book in a neglected area.

Publisher: St Martin's Press