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NIGHT WATCH by Roy Johansen


by Roy Johansen

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 2016
ISBN: 9781250075970
Publisher: St. Martin's

An unorthodox investigator is desperate to save her beloved mentor from possible death.

Music therapist Kendra Michaels has every reason to be grateful to Dr. Charles Waldridge. Born blind, she can now see because of an experimental surgery developed by Waldridge and his colleagues in England’s Night Watch Project. All the years of her blindness allowed her to develop amazing skills in hearing, smelling, and noticing tiny details others would miss. In the past she’s helped the FBI and former agent Adam Lynch, whom she holds at arm’s length even though he’s deeply in love with her. After Kendra (Close Your Eyes, 2012, etc.) has dinner with Waldridge, who claims to be visiting California to raise funds, he goes missing . Kendra works with the police and FBI to find him but also calls on Lynch’s special resources. Another member is soon added to the team: tough ex-Army private investigator Jessie Mercado, whom Waldridge had hired to watch one of his colleagues. A friend of Lynch’s who’s following up on the Night Watch project in England is killed soon after sending him some puzzling photos of a lab in a supposedly empty factory. At length Kendra realizes that the project Waldridge is working on has something to do with creating working organs and that someone is using all means available to force him to reveal his secrets. Despite dire warnings from Lynch and Jessie, she insists on taking part in a dangerous rescue attempt.

Despite the requisite mysterious evildoers and violence, this thriller remains curiously unsatisfying, perhaps because the formidable skills the heroine displays don’t include common sense.