SIGHT: A Handbook for Laymen by Roy O. Scholz

SIGHT: A Handbook for Laymen

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In view of the public demand for more explicit explanations of whatever medical problems they confront, a doctor answers some of the most commonly asked questions about sight and provides some basic information on the physiological structure of the eye, variations and vision and corrective means. From the average eye examination, glasses (he is no Bates adherent- 2/3 of the Americans under the age of 40 need glasses and almost all over 55), near and far sightedness, astigmatism, children's eyes, crossed eyes, contact lenses, bifocals, many of the minor and the two major (glaucoma and cataracts) diseases of the eye are covered. There is a closing chapter on the blind and partially sighted. An excellent book, informative and definite, and this field of vision- bookwise-is clear.

Publisher: Doubleday