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THE THREE WARS OF ROY BENAVIDEZ by Roy P. & Oscar Griffin Benavidez



Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1986
Publisher: Corona (1037 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78210)

The author's ""three wars"" were growing up a Mexican-American, fighting in Vietnam and convincing the government to give him his Medal of Honor. His descriptions of war are compelling, his heroism unquestionable, his prose style forgivable. Benavidez' insight into and savvy about all things military are impressive. He is a throwback to the days of red-blooded patriotism, and he was a first-rate soldier and served his country well in an unpopular war. Wounded in a bloody engagement, he somehow managed to save his buddies and fight off the enemy. In a time when rampant narcissism seems the order of the day, an act of sublime altruism is both fascinating and puzzling. Why did he do it? He says because he cared about his men and that's that. He was given a Distinguished Service Cross because in the heat of battle and the confusion afterward, the evidence was not fully presented. Later, after searching for proof and supporting witnesses, he succeeds in winning the Medal of Honor which he richly deserved. Lovers of war stories and meat-and-potatoes virtues will enjoy this book. It is direct and honest like its author. He's a good man in a fight and also a caring person. Quite a rare combo.