HEAR OUR PRAYER by Roy Pearson


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As a seminary teacher of Protestant clergy for many years, Roy Pearson must have learned that both their preaching and praying needed not only instruction but example. This book is a collection of his public prayers which illustrates his introductory concern that worship is only worship when Jesus is recognized as being truly in the midst of the worshippers. These prayers are such as recognize the living presence of the Lord, and they are addressed to him, revealing the human need which only God can, and does, meet. They are mostly prayers of some length in the free style of the less liturgical Protestant worship, but they are not trite or redundant, and they are composed with a literary style which makes them a worthy expression of both the joys and the agonies of the human heart. Many of the prayers are seasonal; together they encompass the full range of human hope and despair. Many Protestant clergy should run, not walk, to get a copy. If they are not inspired to fashion better prayers themselves, let them borrow freely from what Dr. Pearson has so generously provided.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill