CHRYSALIS 8 by Roy Torgeson


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Far-out stories in mixed genres. There's a dandy Barry N. Malzberg whimsy: ""Emily Dickinson--Saved From Drowning,"" wherein Emily becomes the great poet of the Civil War, falls into sentimental eclipse, gets nasty letters from Whitman, loses her virginity in a stable at 27, then (in still another alternative life) dies early, has her life exposed by her insane brother Austin to Freud in Vienna (where Freud is soon murdered), and finally returns to consort with Samuel Clemens and have visionary dreams of presidential assassinations. Also diverting is Tanith Lee's ""You Are My Sunshine""--in which a cruise ship full of golden-skinned, sunlight-happy folks is disturbed by the arrival of a dumpy, round-shouldered, untanned lass in need of special attention. And there are neat stories too from Mike Resnick (an enthusiastic travel-bureau robot throws over its job and ""goes native"" on the beach at Coney Island), Orson Scott Card (a romantic allegory stuffed with wizards and spells), and others.

Pub Date: Dec. 12th, 1980
Publisher: Doubleday