SO SORRY, NO PEACE by Royal Arch Gunnison


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Radio commentator (Mutual) -- Newspaperman -- correspondent for Colliers, Gunnison makes his powerful contribution to better knowledge of our Japanese enemy out of 22 months of imprisonment in various prison camps, from Manila to Shanghai. First hand reports of the infamous treatment accorded brave men -- he and his wife managed to survive with dignity, -- filth, hunger, thirst and the lack of ordinary decencies. He knows his Far East. He has admiration for the sacrifices of China, but is objective in his analysis of the internal conflicts. For the Japanese leaders he urges total destruction as a necessary stop to peace. He knows the Japanese, -- his philosophy, his religion, his economics -- and would uproot them all, and recommends supervision for generations under a cold, selfish, practical policy, not controlled by the ""practical"" businessman or missionary. His wife adds the feminine slant. A stirring indictment.

Publisher: Viking