TREE HOUSES by Royal Barry Wills
Kirkus Star


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**Few mortgaged property-owners ever achieve the content of Fortune's favorites -- the builders of tree-huts. Royal Barry Wills, one of the nation's more popular architects, has conceived a jimdandy book for both boys and girls. Step by step he shows how to construct a safe tree hut. His highly original format solves the problems of those who have one tree, two trees or three trees to work with. He includes an ambitious long-range scheme in which several youngsters started with a tree hut and over successive summers put a foundation under it. The tree hut grew into a sound dwelling, which eventually became a residence for a married couple. The drawings are so appealing and informative that adults will enjoy it too. A lovely book to handle which will surely make its enduring place on library shelves and under Christmas trees. The black and white drawings by the author and Charles R. Crombie make this really a young builder's manual. Aspiring youngsters will love this. A natural.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin