THE CITY CAT by Roz Riddle


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As a co-owner of Fabulous Felines, a New York City pet shop specializing in pedigreed eats, Riddle knows the problems of living with and training city--meaning indoor--cats. She here offers a raft of general cat care advice laced with snippets of information (usually omitted from more traditional, ""complete"" cat care books) on everyday matters such as how to train a cat not to wake you up in the morning, or how to make sure you're giving pills correctly (""If he doesn't lick his nose he hasn't swallowed""). There are smart pointers on acquiring a cat (be sure to overlook all indiscretions for the first two weeks); training (isolate your cat for major disciplinary problems, use squirts from a water pistol for minor infractions); nutrition (recipes for homemade meals are provided); health (advice on when to see a vet, and when home doctoring is best); and introducing a new baby to the household (make your cat aware that this is a ""human kitten""). Also provided are brief descriptions--temperament, physical traits--of the most popular breeds. For the new or old owner alike, welcome for its personal observations.

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1984
Publisher: Scribners