THE UNBROKEN THREAD by Rt. Hon. Viscount Templewood


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A family biography spanning five generations this also shows how past hobbies have developed in the present day. For old Samuel Hoare left a heritage of Qauker traditions, banking and a love of country life with its shooting and hunting; other generations, prosperous, responsible and with interests in reform, carried into their country living a deepening concern for ornithology, restoring rare birds and protecting others. The Game Book mirrors the findings of the years; the author's sporting experiences, combining diplomatic missions with his keenest pleasure, throughout Russia, Spain, the Middle East and India, enlarge his knowledge of all sorts of fowl, until, with his return home he develops further interests in houses and trees. An unexpected book from a public man and politician, this has a mellowness of recall and a charming absorption whose appeal should be primarily for the advanced sportsman as well as the reader whose first interest is English biography.

Publisher: Knopf