EISENHOWER SPEAKS by Rudolph L. -- Ed. Treuenfels


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This is not a biography, but a collection of speeches and statements that clearly reveal the personality of an outstanding citizen, a great general and an uncommon man. They give the inner thoughts of a man who can think of war and preparedness, peace and education, world cooperation and national defense. His words reveal a belief in cooperation on all levels; whose life has centered around ""duty, justice and peace"". He turns an apt phrase, whether speaking to soldiers, civilians, educators or business men, labor leaders or simple people. There's a human quality that conveys bigness of heart and clarity of mind, honesty and integrity, and a sincere belief that the office of the presidency is not for a military man. His words are impressive, dignified, humorous, intelligent and direct. They reveal a great man. His name will mean sales.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1948
Publisher: Farrar, Straus