SECRET OF CHANNEL 6 by Rudolph Stolber
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This is a taut, conciously written story of a young immigrant boy from Spain who arrives in the hubbub of Montreal to find himself alone, seemingly abandoned by the brother he was supposed to meet. Obstacles cross Siete's path at every turn -- even before he reaches brother Pedro's fruit-stand to find it has been sold:- he must clear himself of a petty robbery accusation. Siete repeatedly comes to grips with disappointment in his search for Pedro and the elusive Tom Ashely, but en route he forges his way into a strange environment with great success. For there is his friend Tony the newspaper boy and Billy the shoeshine boy, there is Tony's grandmother who offers him shelter and Bea, Billy's sister. In the tumult of finding his first important job, and adjusting to foreign ways, the search relentlessly continues, climaxed by an exciting conclusion which puts an end to the suspense that has held the reader from the first.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1961
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman