CANDY FLOSS by Rummer Godden
Kirkus Star


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This is the story of crime and redemption and revolves about a very spoiled little girl and a doll named ""Candy Floss."" The little tyrant is unused to being denied anything, and when Candy Floss' owner, the man who runs the coconut pitching stall in the carnival, refuses her the doll, she simply takes it. Disaster follows disaster for the doll, the coconut man, and the little girl, until, abashed at her own recklessness, she is humbled, thereby endowing the story with a happy ending. Rumer Godden, the author of The Story of Holly and Ivy and other books for children and adults writes with charm and whimsy, and Adrienne Ames' lyrical colored illustrations add a winsome visual dimension to the book.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1960
Publisher: Viking