HARVEST MOON by Rupert Croft Cooks


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The hop gardens of Kent are the setting for a battle between good and evil when David Winters decides to free himself of the relentless hold of Dyce Creston. Unsuccessful in one attempt to get away from Creston, Winters is spinelessly servile until they hide out with the hop-pickers on Dick Farthing's farm. There his idea of killing his names is occurs, and although he fails, Dyce does meet his end through a jealous Romaul, Nelson, whose woman he has seduced. Nelson stands trial and Winters is pulled out of an attempted suicide through the Farthings' kindness, prepared to accept the humdrum and the normal with gratitude. The temporary world of the itinerant hop-pickers makes a good contrast to the vicious power drive of Creston and the almost hopeless submission of Winters, with Farthing, his wife and son adding still other qualities, goodness and dependability, to the picture. Unspectacular but competent.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1953
Publisher: St. Martin's Press