GOVERNING ELITES: Studies in Training and Selection by Rupert--Ed. Wilkinson

GOVERNING ELITES: Studies in Training and Selection

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This collection of eight tight, scholarly essays is unexpectedly exciting. The general topic is the education of ruling groups; the scope of the book really includes more kinds of elites than governing classes. Many of the objects of study are inherently exotic, like the American Indian tribes discussed by Henry Selby; some have fascination conferred upon them, as in Barnett's excellent article on various military-school traditions and Bolger's revision of the cliches about Athenian/Spartan training. All the essays are exceptionally readable. Others also include Hennessy on the native elite of India under imperial rule, Parry on the Ottoman Empire's slave executives, and the editor's paper on evaluations of selection and training systems. The detachment of the authors' ""historical and cross-cultural approach"" produces freshness rather than dullness for the readers, who will come from all corners of the social sciences.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1969
Publisher: Oxford