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TOP 10 FOR BOYS by Russell Ash


developed by Russell Ash ; by Paul Terry

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-77085-223-5
Publisher: Firefly

A great dose of catnip for the mob of world-records enthusiasts.

Terry has amassed here a busy collection of top 10s that run a gamut of topics: machines (like trains, planes and automobiles), animals, stars (those that dazzle in the heavens), stars (those that dazzle on stage), sports, freaks of nature, buildings, the mind and body—with multiple top 10s within each topic. (All games and movies referred to are rated for 12 and under.) Though the title claims these chart busters are “for boys,” there is no reason to think that girls wouldn’t find them equally irresistible (“This is the first ever T-10 that is exclusively for boys!” barks the “Welcome” page). Each page buzzes with lists and boxed items and dizzies with slews of photographs and fact squibs. Readers are also given opportunities to shuffle various top 10s to fashion their own selections and checklists to notch off those they’ve seen. This is described as “interactive,” a generous use of the term. Still, this collection rarely fails to shock and awe, offering up the gentleman who rode a motorcycle at nearly 400 mph, the highest-earning solo artist of 2012 (Madonna!) and the most fatal riot (took place in Constantinople in A.D. 532)—not to mention the thrill of imagining being one of the select 1,000-plus who annually get ripped apart by saltwater crocodiles. A worthy addition to the ranks of Ripley and Guinness. (Nonfiction. 9-15)