LOVE IS NOT BLIND by Russell Criddle


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An autobiographical account of blindness which raises its protest against the social- and economic- stigma of the sightless face over and above the handicap of physical disability. For Russell Criddle, whose vision was almost totally blurred by a dirty snowball- at the age of 12, had to fight hard to win back the acceptance of the gang with whom he played, and to overcome the rejection and recoil which he was later to face with the girls- and the jobs- he tried to get. His diploma from a school which would not permit special dispensations; the inability to hold his first jobs from which he was fired- not because of incompetence- but because of the discomfort his blindness aroused in others; and finally the success- as a farmer- and with Winona who married him before a corneal graft restored his vision- forms a candid story, simply told. The blindness which faces him again, since glaucoma has set in and is destroying his sight again, adds a tragic postmortem.

Publisher: Norton