PALESTINE: The Arab-Israeli Conflict by Russell -- Ed. Stetler

PALESTINE: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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A thoughtfully edited, modest collection of articles, interviews, documents, and liberation position papers -- 15 previously published but not generally accessible items in all -- which center on the emergence of the Palestinian resistance movement and the events of ""Black September"" 1970. The first three pieces, however, concern Israeli society and politics -- Isaac Deutscher discussing the SixDay War just prior to his death; a long essay on class structure from the New Left Review; and a solid study by the Africa Research Group (reprinted from its Palestine: Crisis and Liberation, 1970) which details Israel's expanding economic role in sub-Saharan Africa. Arab resistance material includes excerpts from basic PLO and PFLP documents, a chatty interview with El Al skyjacker Leila Khaled, a penetrating report on liberationist organization and behavioral modes by the French journalist Gerard Chaliand (from Le Monde Diplomatique), and a quite remarkable diary of a guerrilla who participated in the September Hussein/resistance showdown at Amman. The anthology's primary value (current interest; accessibility) will diminish as other more substantive analyses appear; but for the time being it provides cogent documentation of the protracted conflict.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1972
Publisher: Ramparts Press