FAITH AND FREEDOM by Russell J. Clinchy
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Here is the declaration of the faith of one liberal who is not tired. The pastor of the First Congregational Church in Hartford, in these lectures originally delivered at Bangor Theological Seminary, vigorously defends the position of the religious liberal. He admits the decline of liberalism in the face of attacks from the tory on the right and the radical on the left, and as a consequence of the disillusionment within the ranks of liberalism itself. Dr. Clinchy points out why this generation has lost the essential meaning of liberalism, but reaffirms his conviction that liberalism is a dynamic religious faith. He also outline briefly what he considers to be the essential elements of a liberal's credo today. The tone of these lectures is not apologetic. This is not liberalism on the defensive. It is rather a ringing call to a more dynamic and creative faith, a statement of a burning conviction. This should be encouraging reading for religious liberals.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1947
ISBN: 1432582984
Publisher: Macmillan